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Our History

The Center for Quality was created with the aim to provide the missing quality knowledge in the field of quality as one of the backbone of the quality infrastructure in Serbia and beyond. By combining the knowledge of the associate of the Center for Quality, scientists and experts (experts) from other faculties and institutes in the country and from the business world, a great synergy effect is achieved, which becomes a trademark of the quality of the Center for Quality.

October 15, 1998


The Steering Committee of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, at a session held on October 15, 1998, decides on the establishment of the Center for Quality and Appointment of prof. Dr. Slobodan Smiljanic for the first manager of the center

28 November 2002


The Center has been certified by the Federal Bureau of Standardization on 28 November 2002, and is researched in 2006 and 2011.


First Quality Festival

For the purpose of presenting scientific and professional achievements, exchanging experiences with partners from the environment, conducting scientific and expert competencies of the center, spreading the national movement for quality, assisting the branch office of JUSK - Šumadija, the center participates in the organization and realization of quality schools, which is particularly emphasized by the organization of the Quality Festival.


Quality Festival 2003

The first Quality Festival 2003, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the military industry and 50 years of car production in Kragujevac, was held under the motto Business excellence as the key to the transition.


International Quality Conference

2. International Conference "TQM - Advanced and Intelligent Approaches" and 30. National Quality Conference.

25. September 2005.

CQM website

The Quality Center site was designed and set up on the Internet on September 25, 2005 with the aim of showing the core activities of the Center, and above all to provide online user and editorial communication related to the organization of the Quality Festival and the "International Journal for Quality Research" (http://www.cqm.rs)


The first National Conference on Quality of Life

The first National Conference on Quality of Life was of particular importance for the achievement of the quality vision. This is because the quality of life determines the social position and represents the goal of social development. Measuring the quality of life indicators determines the differentiation of social groups, their status and role, differences in relation to comparable (etalon) groups, and hence priority areas for improving the quality of life.


International Journal for Quality Research

From the International Quality Conferences (IQC), within the Quality Festival and the Quality Conference organized by the Podgorica Quality Center (ICQME), the English Language Journal also produced a journal. Since 2007, the Center for Quality of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac together with the Center for Quality of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica started with the publication of the International Journal for Quality Research. (http://www.ijqr.net)


International Conference on Quality of Life

1. International Conference on Quality of Life which organized in 2016 provided international platform, which gathered experts from industry and academia in order to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in a range of topics.